Ask the Expert

One of the greatest benefits to joining Trek, is that you will have a network of knowledge at your fingertips.

Since our advisors and service teams are spread across different states, we have established our weekly “Ask the Expert” calls to help bring our great minds together. Additionally, our advisors have access to a variety of other topic-focused networking calls hosted by our team. These calls range from updates and discussions hosted be the Trek investment committee, our service team, and marketing department. 

Coupled with our in-person events, our calls give all of our advisors a chance to discuss topics within the Trek network, providing a regular and valuable opportunity to share ideas within our network, keeping their business and our group up-to-date.

“The Trek network is absolutely beyond price when it comes to benefits. I think it is a great way to share knowledge and see how other people within Trek are running their businesses. Maybe you have a great process that someone else can benefit from, and vice versa.”
Justin Young

Additional Network Benefits

Annual Advisor Meetings

Each year we gather to share ideas and learn from those within our network. We invite members of our service team, marketing team, and investment committee to discuss the latest updates within the firm and discuss upcoming opportunities and changes.

In addition to updates from our firm, we invite our wholesalers and partners to provide advisors with new sales and investment ideas to grow their business further.

We encourage all of our advisors to attend our events as it is a great opportunity to not only learn from our teams and our partners, but to learn within the advisor network, from each other.

Trek Study Groups

In order to provide our advisors the ability to collaborate and share ideas, we have developed in-house study groups, exclusive to Trek Advisors. These groups are hosted by key members of our management team, providing advisors with the ability to gain knowledge and ideas for business development and management.