Integrated Technology

Our primary goal is to help you focus on what you do best – develop and grow your client relationships. Within this initiative we are focused on not only creating streamlined back office efficiencies, but also saving you time and money.

As firm that is deeply integrated in technology solutions, we have developed a sophisticated infrastructure with multiple cross-platform integrations and proprietary solutions only accessible through Trek.

Our team has vetted each piece of our technology offering carefully, and from an advisor perspective, to be sure you have a multitude of solutions for back office and client support.

Technology Offerings

  • VoIP
  • Email
  • Email Encryption
  • Digital Document Storage
  • Email Archiving

From business development to onboarding a new client, managing your client relationships is critical. Our CRM solution adds automation, transparency, and scalability to your daily operations. 

Our dynamic and integrated data management platform gives you the ability to digitally manage each stage of your client’s lifecycle. The platform allows you to create custom workflows for client onboarding, lead generation, and customer acquisition, as well as develop custom digital documents such as client questionnaires.

We have enhanced our compliance offering beyond in-house and broker-dealer compliance support. We have chosen to extend this offering to include a comprehensive compliance platform. This platform greatly streamlines the compliance process related to trading, affirmations, gifting, marketing submissions and much more.

Through your compliance portal you will have the ability track your compliance submissions from start to finish, all while feeling assured that you are meeting regulatory requirements.

The system is also integrated with Microsoft Office 365 for single sign on.

Since Trek utilizes several systems to help service our clients, we felt it was necessary to create a website focused on assisting clients with how our systems work, how to use them, and where to go with additional questions. As an essential part of enhancing the client experience, this site is a reference guide to help answer your client’s questions.

We have created an extensive training library which includes internal and external training modules including:

  • Compliance Training
  • Operations Training
  • Technology Training
  • Marketing Training