Alexsa Young

Director of Marketing

Alexsa is the director of branding and marketing communications for the firm. She develops and implements brand and marketing strategy initiatives for both the firm and our advisors, including multi-channel and integrated marketing based on advisor/client research and review. Additionally, Alexsa manages compliance oversight for marketing for both the firm and our advisors.

When did you join Trek and what do you love about being at Base Camp?

I joined Trek full time in 2015, but worked with Trek for years prior as a marketing consultant. I love being at Base Camp because the culture is incredibly inspiring and fosters a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere. There is an incredible commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions that is truly exciting. I truly love being part of such a forward-thinking mindset.

 What does “improving quality for advisors and their teams,” mean to you?

To me, improving quality is constant drive to do more, and raise the standards. Our team is constantly discovering new initiatives to enhance the overall experience for our advisors and their teams. Through collaboration, individual support, education, and discussion, we are always finding ways to put service first. If you aren’t moving you aren’t improving, and we believe this to be 100% true.

What keeps you busy when you aren’t at work?

When I’m not at work I am either at ice hockey or soccer practice, games or tournaments with our two boys. We live “on the road,” so if you happen to be at Base Camp you might catch a glimpse of dinner and homework in the conference room. When we aren’t eating, sleeping, and breathing sports, our family LOVES to go to Disneyworld and anywhere that has a beach.