Jim O'Hanlon


Jim is a seasoned finance professional with over 25 years of experience in the finance industry. His experience encompasses multi-asset class trading, sales, and securities operations, with a focus on investment banking and RIA wealth management. 

Throughout his career, Jim has held leadership roles in firms, including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Schwab. He also has experience in portfolio management and has been instrumental in bridging operational, sales, and trading teams across diverse markets.

Jim holds and MBA from Temple University Fox School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies from the State University of New York College of Buffalo. With dual citizenship in the U.S. and Ireland, and over two decades of living and working in Tokyo, Japan, Jim offers a distinctive international outlook that enriches both his professional and personal life.

When did you join Trek and what do you love about being at Base Camp?

I love the collaborative spirit and the shared commitment to excellence that defines the Base Camp culture. Being surrounded by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about supporting our advisors and teams is incredibly motivating. I appreciate the open communication and willingness to share ideas and learn from each other. It’s a dynamic environment that encourages growth.

What does “improving quality for advisors and their teams,” mean to you?

To me, improving quality means providing the tools, resources, and support the advisors and their teams need to excel in their roles. It’s about creating an environment where they can focus on delivering exceptional service their clients without being bogged down by operational inefficiencies. It means continuously looking at way to bring new investment ideas to the table, streamline processes, enhance programs, and leverage technology to make their work more effective. Ultimately, it’s about empowering them to achieve their best and helping to ensure they have what they need to hopefully make a positive impact on the lives of the clients they serve.

What keeps you busy when you aren’t at work?

When I’m not at work you can me chauffeuring my son and daughter between sports, and spending time with my wife and our Cockapoo Archie.