Justin Young

Chief Executive Officer

Justin has been helping businesses streamline through technology for over twenty years. As the founder of two startups, Justin is a seasoned entrepreneur. However, the passion he has for this industry led him to partner with Trek, full time, back in 2013.

As the CEO and a partner of Trek, he has made it his mission to design scalable business solutions for independent advisors. Justin’s vision for Trek is simple and clear: provide advisors with the business and technology infrastructure, resources and support to build their businesses efficiently. With this goal in mind, Justin has grown the Trek offering by creating and implementing systems, onboarding tools, and software applications that simplify processes.

In addition, Justin has placed a large focus on creating a powerful network of advisor resources and skills. Through this network, advisors are able to collaborate to identify opportunities, solve problems, and create a community of knowledge and experience.

Justin is the founder of TheITBrains.com (CEO) and Platinum Computer Technology (CTO), and the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Re/Max Achievers in Scottsdale, Arizona. Justin has a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Information Systems and Security Information Assurance from DeVry University in Phoenix.

What do you love about being at Base Camp?

I am driven by innovation, so being part of a vision that is focused on constantly growing and challenging the industry standards is exactly where I love to be.

What does “improving quality for advisors and their teams,” mean to you?

We are constantly building solutions that support our advisors’ growth. Anything that helps them streamline their professional world so they can streamline their personal world – that’s a win for us.

What keeps you busy when you aren’t at work?

When I’m not at work, I’m either at hockey or soccer with my kids. We are big into sports so we spend a lot of time on the ice or the pitch. My wife and kids also love Disney so you can often find me at Disney World or Disneyland. And when I’m not doing all of that, you might find me working around the house and gardening – my quiet time.