Natalie Anderson

Experience Manager

Natalie is the Base Camp experience manager, focusing on relationship development and enhanced experience for our advisors and their teams.

What do you love about being at Base Camp?

After working in the hospitality and event planning industry for many years, I joined Trek in 2013. While I started with Trek in Client Services, my current role as “Experience Manager” gives me an opportunity to interact with Trek in a whole new way through building relationships, both professionally and personally. I enjoy the fact that even though we are growing, we still manage to maintain the family feel and get the opportunity to know everyone through personal connections.

What does “improving quality for advisors and their teams,” mean to you?

Through my role as Experience Manager, I get to work with advisors and staff to get to know their needs, wants, and wish lists. Then I’m able to work with our internal team at Base Camp to find solutions or enhancements that can support their businesses. Sometimes it can be something they might not have thought about, and I feel such an accomplishment when I’m able to help make their lives easier.

What keeps you busy when you aren’t at work?

When I’m not at work, I’m with my husband and daughter exploring Arizona throughout the year. Sedona is probably our favorite place, and we discover new things there each year we visit. I also enjoy playing Pickleball and Tennis.