Alison Brownell

Operations Manager

Alison provides operational management and support of our service infrastructure and team. She works to streamline processes and systems, ensuring efficient and effective service delivery, aiming to improve overall business performance for our advisors and their teams.

When did you join Trek and what do you love about being at Base Camp?

I joined Trek in 2023. I was drawn to Trek because I liked the idea that I could work solely with advisors to optimize their practices. I had spent the last five years working directly with clients and had enjoyed it very much. But I’m an operations person at heart, and had noticed ways that the advisors I worked with could be managing their practices more efficiently while generating additional revenue. I was excited to find an opportunity to do that here at Trek with our advisors.

What does “improving quality for advisors and their teams,” mean to you?

Improving quality for advisors and teams means that we’re simplifying, communicating and supporting. If we can get the same results in seven steps as we can with ten, then let’s eliminate those three extra steps. Communication is key to making sure everyone stays informed and has the information they need to be successful in their roles. And supporting takes on many different facets. Some days it’s just listening to someone vent, and other days it is diving in headfirst to solve a problem, or being proactive with something you foresee as becoming an issue. At all times, it’s keeping the end client experience in mind and how we can support advisors to make that as seamless as possible.

What keeps you busy when you aren’t at work?

My family is local, and we spend a lot of time together. I am a MASSIVE Suns fan, so if a game is on, don’t bother me (unless you’re texting about the game!). I love trying new restaurants, and I have a spreadsheet going that my siblings and I share information on. Most importantly, my adorable senior dog still keeps me on my toes daily.